#Loihi | Development

#Intel | Kapoho Point Board

#Lava | Software framework | Neuromorphic research | Developing applications that initially run on CPUs | Maping parts of the workload onto the neuromorphic chip

#Intel Quantum SDK | Designed to optimize quantum-classical algorithms | C++, low-level virtual machine (LLVM) based compiler toolchain

#Dense wavelength division multiplexing | DWDM | Advanced lithography | Intel Labs

#Integrated DWDM laser array | Eight wavelength distributed feedback (DFB) laser array | 300mm silicon wafer | Hybrid silicon photonics platform | Intel

#Fully integrated photonics | Photonic integrated circuit directly connected to the rest of the compute | Reducing power | Intel

#Air Force Research Laboratory | AFRL | Spiking neural network based learning | Real time optimization | Running AI algorithms in the environment during missions

#Intel sponsored INRC projects | Brown University | ETH Z├╝rich | George Mason University | Graz University of Technology | Pennsylvania State University | Queensland University of Technology | University of Gottingen | University of Waterloo

#BrainScaleS | SpiNNaker | PYNN API

#NEUROTECH | Catalyzing research and collaboration.of neuromorphic computing

#Bio Machine Learning | University of Hertfordshire, UK

#Institute of Neuroinformatics, University of Zurich and ETH Zurich | Neuromorphic computing

#International Conference on Neuromorphic Systems (ICONS) | Neuromorphic computing

#George Mason University | Neuromorphic computing





















#Optical chiplets | Multi terabits per second bandwidth between compute resources such as the CPU, GPU and memory | Optical IO | Optical compute interconnect chips | Integrated laser array | Intel Silicon Photonics Products Division

#Uppsala University , Sweden | Starting a new group in circuit design with neuromorphic specialisation

#Boise State University | Neuromorphic and Cognitive Integrated Circuits | Spiking neural networks | Cognitive computing architecture | Real time machine learning tasks such as pattern recognition, robotic control, visual pattern and motion detection | Brain machine interfaces with power consumption comparable to biological brains

#Rjuksu Universiteit, Groninger, Netherlands | Neuromorphic Circuit Design

#Technical University of Munich, Germany | Neuromorphic Hardware | Mimicking the human sensor systems (e.g. nose, tongue, skin) | Sensors rather imprecise in their output signals | Human sensory system: eyes (vision), ear (sound), nose (smell), skin (pressure, temperature) and tongue (taste) | Circuits built based on the concept of Spiking Neural Networks (SNN) | Analog HW built which can execute unsupervised learning on chip

#aiCTX | Dedicated mixed signal neuromorphic processors